Suburban Glasgow
Suburban Glasgow

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Morar The Same Please

Set in the late 1980s/early 1990s, take 1Y41, a Class 156 unit, the five and a half hour journey from Glasgow Queen St to Mallaig.  Detach from the Oban train at Crianlarich.

This scenario is designed to use basic stock available on Steam with no further downloads.

Note, this scenario is now part of the Scotland West Asset Pack.  If you install this (which you should) then you no longer need to download the scenario separately.


Route: West Highland Line

Click on the image to download.

Route: West Highland Line

Note, I am still testing these scenarios, so they will be published one at a time until complete.  Once all scenarios have been tested, I will replace the individual downloads with one single pack.


1B01 1950 Fort William to London Euston.rwp

1Z54 0656 Dumbarton Central to Oban.rwp

2Y68 1440 Fort William to Mallaig.rwp

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Suburban Glasgow