Suburban Glasgow
Suburban Glasgow

The Plan and the Phases

Unsurprisingly, this section has changed greatly with the release of Suburban Glasgow Northwest!  Ultimately, the overall plan is largely the same, but the ordering in which things happen will change fairly drastically.


Also, so as not to conflict with anything being worked on by the Network ScotEast project, some aspects of the plan for Suburban Glasgow may change in due course, although the Glasgow core will remain.


As of Jan 2021, the plan is as follows:


All phases will be integrated to use Suburban Glasgow Northwest.  Any subsequent commercial Suburban Glasgow routes (of which there are none on the horizon at the moment) are also likely to be merged in where appropriate.


Merge 1:  Integrate the previous West Highland Line merges back in to Suburban Glasgow Northwest and release as a separate route on the Workshop.  Part of this project will involve a complete revamp of the Oban Line.  The initial Workshop release for this is planned for Jan 2021 with a handful of small releases over the following months for the Oban line.


Merge 2:  Integrate the previous WCMLNorth merge back in to Suburban Glasgow.  This has not begun yet and I cannot say what form it will take at present.  It is likely to include some revamping - at the very least to include more up-to-date electrification.


Once these two merges are completed I will begin to reinstate the original "big route".  This is some time away, and again, the exact form will depend on various factors and what is available at the time.  Unlike the original route, my intention would be to make the entire scope available on the Workshop, removing the need for a detail pack.


Any other adjacent routes may also be considered for merging to the Suburban Glasgow "big route".

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Suburban Glasgow